Friday, July 14, 2017


Alex Jones is wondering why the left hates America.

But we can help Alex to find out why the left hates America.

Let's first look at Guatemala.

You can find this on the Wikipedia page on the Guatemalan Civil War:
Declassified CIA documents report that the U.S. Government organized, funded, and equipped the 1954 coup d’état, deposing the elected Guatemalan presidential government of Jacobo Árbenz Guzmán. Analysts Kate Doyle and Peter Kornbluh report that "after a small insurgency developed, in the wake of the coup, Guatemala's military leaders developed and refined, with U.S. assistance, a massive counter-insurgency campaign that left tens of thousands of massacred, maimed or missing [people]." History Prof. Stephen G. Rabe, reports that "in destroying the popularly elected government of Jacobo Arbenz Guzman (1950–1954), the United States initiated a nearly four-decade-long cycle of terror and repression."

So America overthrew a legitimate and democratically elected government which led to "tens of thousands of massacred, maimed or missing [people]."

And guess what!

Yep. Alex Jones' late uncle Biff was involved in all that rape, torture and murder!! What exactly Biff did in Guatemala we don't know, because despite shooting his mouth off about other conspiracy researchers, he never, ever, ever discusses his CIA family. Every time Jones mentions the CIA it is always in a bad context. So why doesn't Alex talk about his CIA family on his show? Is it because they did baaaaaad things?

But you could also look at Iran in 1953 and Operation Ajax. Once again America knew what was best for Iran, and it wasn't the legitimate and democratically elected Mossadegh to use the proceeds from the sale of Iranian oil to benefit the people of Iran. So with the British, America overthrew Mossadgeh and installed the Shah Reza Pahlavi, who implemented a brutal police state enforced by the dreaded SAVAK which was trained by America and Israel. Oh, and Iranian oil went to...

So let's now look at Israel.

The Zionist State of Israel is being funded by America to ethincally cleanse the Palestinians. There is no other way of putting it. The Zionists extracted the Balfour Declaration out of the British, began to imigrate en masse into Palestine, then after WW2 terrorised the British out of Palestine and terrorised over 700,000 Palestinians into the refugee camps of West Bank and Gaza. As reward for this terror America has given Israel between $3 billion and $4 billion every year, and backs Israel in the United Nations by vetoing any criticism of Israel as Israel kills 520 children in Gaza. Plus, America has just destroyed Israel's enemies Iraq, Syria and soon Iran.

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