Monday, July 31, 2017


And not just Passchendaele, all the battles, indeed the war itself, should not have happened.

The war was engineered by Freemasonry and the British Empire.

The British Empire engineered the US Civil War in order to break up the USA which had become a threat to the British Empire. Andrew Jackson played his role beautifully: he destroyed the central bank that was financing this growth; and he began the forced removal of native Americans from soon-to-be Confederate states to make way for more planters to build more plantations to be worked by slaves. British agents like Giuseppe Mazzini then manipulated slavery as the issue to provoke a civil war.

But Lincoln won the war and the plan failed. The British then assassinated Lincoln, and used their Jewish network to begin to destabilise Russia through assassinating and attempting to assassinate Czars and other Russia government officials. The USA continued its rise to economic power, and began to build relationships with Germany and Russia to build a land-based transport network beyond the reach of the powerful British Navy. The USA had become the most powerful economy in the world, overtaking the British Empire which was based on slavery and imperialism, and people didn't want to be slaves.

So King Edward VII built a series of alliances that would surround and isolate Germany under the correct conditions. This was completed by Sir Edward Grey. Freemasonry assassinated Archduke Ferdinand to destabilise Europe. Kind George V said Britain would not get involved in any war, which prompted Russia and Germany to mobilise. Edward Grey continued the appearance of neutrality which led to Germany and Russia continuing their mobilisation and rush to war. But Winston Churchill had forged a secret naval treaty with France in 1912 that was used to drag Britain into the war. King George V also secretly told Edward Grey to get Britain into the war, so when Germany invaded Belgium, Grey cited the 1839 Treaty of London to defend Belgium, but there was no need for Britain to defend Belgium unilaterally.

Thus, Freemasonry and the British Empire engineered WW1 to get Germany and Russia to destroy each other, and Central Europe in the process. Britain then tried to create a world government in the League of Nations, but it needed the USA as its muscle, so Edward Grey was sent to the USA to persuade America to join, but he and Wilson, the puppet of Grey's friend House, failed. So the Anglo-American Establishment created the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) as a long term project to drag the USA into the world government.

Needless to say, Trump has picked several members of the CFR for his administration, along with members of Bilderberg, Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones.

Repeat after me : it doesn't matter if there is a red or a blue in the White House, there is a global agenda and it must not be stopped.

PS Trump wants to take a ride with the Queen of England in her royal golden carriage.


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