Saturday, July 15, 2017


For years Infopervs slagged off Fox News as establishment media whores.

But for some reason Fox News did not attack Trump during the election. Indeed, Fox was the only establishment whore media that backed Trump. Now, Fox has the largest audience of all the establishment whore media. So if the one true deep state really did want to block Trump and get Clinton elected then Fox would have attacked Trump not promote him, wouldn't it? It wouldn't have top NWO agents like Newt "Mr New World Order" Gingrich defending Trump, would it?

No. It would not.

And it would have been promoting Clinton, wouldn't it?

Yes. It would.

But instead, Fox promoted Trump.

So why did Fox, as the right wing of the establishment whore media, promote Trump?

Because the right wing of the one true deep state is OK with Trump.

And here's why:
1. massive tax cuts;
2. massive build up of the military;
3. slash healthcare for the poor and elderly;
4. wars, wars, wars for the military-industrial complex;
5. alliance with the Saudis against Iran;
6. unleash Wall Street for yet another global financial crisis.

And the leftist establishment media whores could have destroyed Trump by exposing Trump's "greatest friend" Roy Cohn, but they didn't.

Look, the rightist globalists even cheered on Trump withdrawing from the Paris Accord!!

And the killer clue: Kissinger persuaded Bilderberg to give Trump the thumbs up!!

So when Stone and Jones rant on and on and on about "victories" just remember that these are victories for the rightist globalists and the wealthy, not the average American.

Stone and Jones should travel to Yemen and tell the 20 million or starving and destitute Yemenis all about Trump's "victories".

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