Saturday, July 15, 2017


Perhaps there were more attendees than admitted to so far?

Remember that, at first, such meetings were denied. Now one attendee, a possible 'ex'-GRU officer, says that a Russian lawyer lobbying for Putin handed documentation to Trump Jr showing damning information on Clinton!

And also remember that just after the meeting was confrmed on 7th, Trump Sr promised a major press conference would be held the day after this meeting at which Trump Sr would expose Clinton's crimes. But for whatever reason Trump Sr never did hold that major press conference.

But then again, he said he was going to "lock her up" but instead toasted her at his inauguration dinner and now wants her to be left alone "to heal".

According to the emails released by Donald Trump Jr., his Russia meeting took place on the 25th floor of Trump Tower. According to numerous press clippings assembled by a Palmer Report reader, the 25th floor is the board room. Media coverage of that boardroom reveals that it essentially consists of nothing but a giant table that holds at least twenty people (link). Now close your eyes and try to imagine just six people sitting at a gigantic table meant for perhaps two dozen people. It would be awkward beyond belief. It raises the question of why Trump Jr. would have chosen the 25th floor boardroom if only six people were going to be attending.

Maybe there was just nowhere else to hold the meeting that day, though one would think six people could meet just about anywhere in Trump Tower they wanted to. Maybe Donald Trump Jr. knew just how important this meeting was with these Kremlin representatives, and he was trying to impress them by holding it in his father’s big bad boardroom. Or maybe he chose a room with such a gigantic table because there were more people in this meeting than they’re admitting to.

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