Wednesday, July 26, 2017


Remember these from Watson?

Turns out that Ayn Rand's hero was a guy called William Edward Hickman.

Who was he?

In December 1927, Hickman kidnapped a 12 year old girl called Marion Parker and demanded a ransom of $1500 from her father Perry Parker. But before Parker paid the ransom Hickman decapitated, dismembered and disemboweled Marion.

For gruesome details on this heinous crime see > Willam Edward Hickman <.

Rand was fascinated by and in awe of Hickman!

So over at Infopervs you've got:

Dodgy Roger Stone whose heroes are Roy Cohn (ran paedophile networks for the CIA), Richard Nixon (escalated the Vietnam War and bombed Combodia to bring the Khmer Rouge to power) and King Edward VIII (Nazi supporter who was exiled to the Caribbean during WW2 for fear he would pass on Allied war secrets to the Nazis);

And now this: Watson and Trump worship a woman who worshipped child-killer Hickman!

No wonder Trump thinks Netanyahu is "a great guy" and that Infopervs support Trump.

No further comment required.

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