Friday, July 28, 2017


Problem is that Infowars as a whole seem to worship this scumbag called Andrew Jackson.

To Infowars, because they've read The Creature from Jekyll Island by the John Bircher, G Edward Griffin, Jackson was a hero because he destroyed The Second Bank of the United States (BUS2). And Alex worships Jackson even more after reading other books on Jackson.

But the best history on Jackson has been written by Michael Kirsch at EIR/LaRouche.

Kirsch demolishes the myth that Jackson was a hero for destroying the BUS2. Kirsch shows:
1. Jackson was on edge of the treasonous plots of Aaron Burr, who after shooting Alexander Hamilton because Hamilton exposed Burr's treason, fled to Jackson's Hermitage for sanctuary and there plotted yet more treason;
2. Burr then fled to Great Britain and stayed with British Intelligence chief Jeremy Bentham for a few years;
3. Burr then returned to the USA, hooked up with fellow Anglophile Martin van Buren, and began to promote Jackson for President, using Jackson's actions at New Orleans;
4. Jackson's role was to destroy the BUS2 because under the well respected management of Nicholas Biddle it had financed the USA to become a threat to the British Empire;
5. Jacksonites claim that Jackson paid off the debt, which he did but only the last few dollars, because all the hard and clever work had been done by Biddle who paid off the vast majority of the debt;
6. Jackson illegally withdrew federal funds from BUS2 and placed them in the banks of his cronies, who then used those funds to inflate a credit bubble which financed land speculation;
7. this then led to the Specie Circular and the Panic of 1837;
8. far from slaying the bankers, it was Jackson who gave the Rothschilds their big break by appointing them as agents for the USA in Europe!

By destroying the BUS2 Jackson condemned the South to a dependence on slavery, which provided the opportunity for the British to manipulate the USA into civil war to destroy itself, which occured in 1861 after decades of manipulation by British agents like Giuseppe Mazzini and others operating out of Boston in cahoots with the Boston Brahmin. But I suppose Jackson was not that bothered about that: he was one of the most powerful slaveholders in the USA, at one time owning 300 slaves across several plantations. In fact, Jackson loved slavery that much that he organised a raid on Negro Fort in Spanish Florida to capture and return to their 'rightful owners' fugitive slaves who had runaway and found sanctuary with the Seminoles there. But this raid went tragically wrong: the officer commanding the raid (not Jackson) fired a cannonball into the fort's arsenal and blew the fort and 300 men, women and children to bits.

And not forgetting that it was Jackson who stabbed the Cherokee in the back. During a battle a Cherokee saved Jackson's life, prompting Jackson to declare that the USA and the Cherokee would be forever friends. But within a few years of being President, Jackson began to work for the removal of not just the Cherokee but also four other civilised tribes from Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama and Tennessee which would soon join the Confederacy. Jackson's Indian Removal Act of 1830, which eventually led to the Trail of Tears and thousands of dead Cherokee etc, which was the forced removal of the five civilised tribes to what is now Oklahama, paved the way for planters to buy up the ancestral lands of those tribes and build plantations to be worked by slaves.

So Jackson is the Godfather of the Confederacy because:
1. he destroyed BUS2 and condemned the South to a dependence on slavery because there was no money to finance industrial development;
2. he began the forced removal of native Americans from their ancestral lands in Georgia, etc, which led to even more plantations in the South dependent on slavery;
3. the British then began to manipulate slavery as the issue to divide America and provoke civil war.

Alex Jones thinks that the US civil war was just due to a tariff.

NOPE! There is all this behind it!

And I think Alex likes Jackson so much that he twists history to portray Jackson as a hero because Jackson admitted Texas to the Union because the Texans rebelled against their rulers in Mexico because Mexico was about to outlaw slavery, so they rebelled so they could keep their slaves, and Jackson admitted them to the Union. And as we know, Jones' family is quite keen on slavery because they are descended on both sides from Confederate colonels and generals. And I also think that his late uncle Biff, the coffee-grower-cum-Oliver-North-of-Guatemala is named after the founder of the Ku Klux Klan, Nathan Bedford Forrest.

But you won't find this in The Creature from Jekyll Island written by the John Bircher, G Edward Griffin.

You find this only here on TTS.

I invite Alex Jones to correct anything written here.

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