Friday, July 21, 2017


Trump has reportedly stopped arms flows to some Syrian rebels, and a small ceasefire has so far held.

This is being heralded as good news.

And it is good news.

But Trump has also bombed Syria killing Syrian soldiers and civilians, is illegally building bases in Syria, is shooting down Syrian Air Force planes and drones, building an alliance with the Kurds, and warned Syria that if chemical weapons are used then it will be war (which prompted several small attempts by the rebels to go false flag and produce videos of suspected chemical weapons attacks).

And Trump and almost everyone in his administration hate Iran.

And by hate I mean rea-ea-ea-ea-lly hate.

And Iran is the ultimate reason why 9/11 was done.

And Iran has not been attacked yet, despite several provocations and a failed colour revolution.

And Henry Kissinger thinks Trump can do great things.

And Trump has already put Iran on notice...TWICE!!

And Trump is also engaged in military action in Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan.

And Trump has forged a major alliance with the Saudis/Sunni states and Israel against Iran.

So do not celebrate Syria just yet.

Let's just see what happens with Iran.

The thinking could be that arming the Syrian rebels is just throwing good money after bad, a total waste because Assad is staying, so why waste it when it could be saved for the anti-Iran campaign. Syria is in no real state to assist Iran. The military is tired and depleted. The nation is a stinking mangled carcass of its former self. It will take decades to rebuild.

And Islamic State have redirected focus onto Iran, bombing Tehran a month ago.

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