Sunday, July 16, 2017


On 7th June 2016, just a few hours after Trump Jr had arranged a meeting on the 9th June with someone who he was led to believe would provide him with devastating information on Hillary Clinton from the Russian government, Bomber Trump announced to the whole world that on the following Monday he would hold a major press conference to expose all of Hillary Clinton's crimes.

At that meeting on the 9th June it is alleged that a folder of documents was passed to Trump Jr but after reading them he seemed unimpressed and asked if the information could be verified, and apparently he did not leave with that folder of documentation. An attendee at the meeting says that the folder was left on the table when the meeting ended (so what happened to it?).

On the following Monday, Bomber Trump did not hold that major press conference on Hillary Clinton's crimes.

Nor on the next day.

Or the next.

Or the next, etc, etc. etc.

It's like Bomber Trump got ahead of himself, announced the press conference on Clinton expecting Trump Jr to be given devastating info on Clinton, but because the info was not that devastating he quietly backed out and hoped we'd forget.

Doesn't it?

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