Saturday, July 29, 2017


Is Alex related to Anson Jones, President of the Republic of Texas from 9th December 1844 to 19th February 1846?

Slaves could not be freed without the consent of the Congress of Texas.

Anyone with any African blood could not live free without the consent of the Congress of Texas.

And it looks like if you were of African or native American descent then you could not become a citizen of Texas.

Just the kind of place you would want to fight to defend at the rank of colonel or general, eh, Alex?

General Provisions

...Slaves who are brought to Texas are to remain slaves as property of the one who brought them in and they are not allowed to be freed by their owner without consent of Congress. Congress is not allowed to make laws that effect the slave trade or declare emancipation. Someone with any amount of African descent who is free is not allowed to live in the Republic without the consent of Congress. It declares all people who are not of African or Indian descent citizens who lived in Texas at the time of declaration of independence citizens.

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