Tuesday, July 18, 2017


On Thursday we will have had six months of Trump.

He's being advised by Henry Kissinger.

He's picked many globalist swamp-dwelling traitors, like Rick Perry.

Bilderberg gave him the thumbs up.

He's cut a $350 billion weapons and defence deal with the Saudis (who did 9/11 and unleashed the Jihadis) and with the Saudis has forged an alliance against Iran (who didn't do 9/11 and is fighting the Saudis) which prompted the King of Saudi Arabia to select a son as the new Crown Prince who is extremely anti-Iran and is behind the genocide in Yemen.

He's bombed Syria and is building bases in Syria while allying with the Kurds.

He's bombing and/or droning and/or engaged in other military action in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Somalia and Afghanistan, and in Yemen is contributing to a horrific humanitarian crisis and cholera outbreak.

He's killed thousands of civilians, many of them brown "beautiful babies" while he expresses concern for one white baby, Charlie Gard.

He's close to provoking WW3 over North Korea, and has expanded Obama's Pivot-to-Asia by plonking the THAAD system in South Korea and increasing the US Naval presence off the coast of China.

We've found out about a highly suspicious meeting in Trump Tower involving Russia.

And we've also found out just how close to Newt "Mr New World Order" Gingrich Trump is.

Through his pick for Wall Street cop, Quarles, he's about to unleash Wall Street again to generate the next financial crisis for a global bail-in.

And Ivanka has not moved anything of her manufacturing base from cheap Communist Chinese sweatshops to America despite daddy giving her an office in the White House to advise him how to make America great again!

But, hey! At least Infowars will be getting their yuuuge tax cuts.

So, phew!

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