Saturday, July 29, 2017


Infopervs are clucking that they broke the story that Kelly was going to be Chief of Staff. But it looks like Trump has been trying to persuade Kelly for months!

But Infopervs still can't or won't explain why, despite firing or forcing to resign a number of people (Flynn, Comey, Spicer, Priebus) Trump has not fired his Bilderberg Four: McMaster, Ross, Schadlow and Liddell. Infopervs told us that Bilderberg were plotting Trump's downfall. If so, why has Trump not fired a single one of his Bilderberg Four?

Or why Trump has picked so many swamp-dwellers, in particular Rick Perry, who Alex Jones very, very loudly labeled a Bilderberg traitor in 2007.

Until Infopervs can explain why Trump has not fired any of his Bilderberg Four or picks so many globalist swamp-dwellers then this is just falling even more into the left-right paradigm they warned us against falling into.

Trump's White House is now run by a Marine General.

Just let that sink in.

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