Monday, July 24, 2017


1. flog weapons to and logistically support the Saudis to make 15 million Yemenis desperate for clean water to drink;
2. flog Trump Ice to Yemen.

Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

You can just see it, can't you?

The advert:
A dying Yemeni child lying on a dirty floor in a makeshift hospital in Yemen, Saudi Air Force bombs exploding outside, rubble falling from the ceiling, tubes in her arms and mouth, within minutes from death from dehydration. Then suddenly, to the sound of hero music, in bursts Trump dressed as the new superhero Iceman, holding before him a bottle of Trump Ice, dripping with condensation. He proudly strolls to the dying girl, opens the bottle, cradles her head in his left arm and with his right hand pours some Trump Ice into her dry, thirsty mouth. After a few seconds she smiles a beautiful, thankful smile. A deep voice then says, "Trump Ice: for the hero in you." The end.

PS I claim all rights to the above ad, so if Trump or anyone else wants to use it they're gonna have to see me after class.

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