Tuesday, July 04, 2017


Just think, while Bomber Trump expresses concern over white Charlie Gard, his policies are killing innocent brown men, women and children all over the globe.

Sadly, this man's daughter is not the only one.

What is the Trump body count now?

In the early morning, after the operation ended, I went to the scene and saw the volume of destruction. I saw the dead bodies everywhere. While I was searching among the bodies, I found my daughter Fateem lying dead in the street with her child in her arms. She was covered with blood. I did not imagine this could happen – I cannot forget those painful moments.

I also thought at first that Muhammad, my tqo-year-old grandson, was also killed – but when we took him from Fateem’s arms, he cried. He was sleeping all the time in his dead mother’s arms.

The child was slightly injured in the hand by a bullet that hit and left his mother’s body. Such a scene no one could imagine nor comprehend – this level of criminality and killing.

[source : My daughter was killed by Donald Trump’s botched drone attack in Yemen, The Independent, http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/drone-attacks-yemen-war-bombs-daughter-was-killed-a7820566.html, 3rd July 2017]

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