Saturday, July 01, 2017


This is what I thought was going on: some mid- to low level Team Trumpers were in touch/colluding with the Rooskies.

But was this done before or after Trump, live on TV, invited Russia to hack Clinton's emails?

Did Trump provide the inspiration for this?

Or were Team Trump on it by the time he invited Russia to hack the Clintons?

When a GOP operative with alleged ties to the Trump campaign sought last year to obtain emails missing from Hillary Clinton's private email server, he turned to an independent security expert to help validate them.

That's according to Matt Tait, the CEO and founder of UK-based security consultant firm Capital Alpha Security, who on Friday opened up about the GOP operative's attempts to recruit him last spring.

According to Tait, writing his account for Lawfare, he strongly believed that not only was the operative, Peter Smith, communicating with Russian hackers, but his operation was formed with the "blessing" of at least some members of now-President Trump's campaign.

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