Wednesday, July 12, 2017


Apparently she was photographed sitting behind Michael McFaul!


But how about this:
The Russian lawyer at the center of Donald Trump Jr.’s scandal over possible collusion with Kremlin election meddlers has denied she has ties to the Russian government.

But she threatened action by the Russian security service, the FSB, against a rights group working to expose corruption by Russian government officials, according to information in the possession of U.S. prosecutors who had been investigating a large and complex money laundering case involving Russian funds.

...Veselnitskaya was in the United States at the time of the Trump Tower meeting to provide legal defense help to Denis Katsyv, accused in a New York court of helping launder through New York real estate some of the $230 million in Russian government money allegedly pilfered.

But prosecutors in that case knew that Veselnitskaya had allegedly threatened a lawyer working in Moscow in 2009 to expose the corruption, McClatchy has learned, warning his efforts would face consequences from the FSB. The FSB is Russia’s intelligence agency, the main successor to the Soviet-era KGB.

[source : Lawyer that met Don Jr. had ties to Russian government, spy agency, McClatchy DC,, 11th July 2017]

So, which is more likely:
1. sitting behind Michael McFaul makes her a Dem plant?


2. threatening lawyers with action from the FSB and defending alleged Russian money launderers makes her a Kremlin-linked lawyer?

I'd say 2 is more likely.

Wouldn't you?

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