Thursday, July 13, 2017


The deep state controls the mainstream, from CNN to Fox. Infopervs know this. They used to slag off all mainstream media, from CNN to Fox. But that has all changed.

Fox is the creation of Rupert Murdoch, who financed an illegal CIA operation to promote Reagan's death squads to the American people, and financed William Kristol's neo-conservative ideology that led to PNAC, 9/11 and the subsequent wars, and broadcast propaganda to promote those wars. Indeed, Fox is now spearheaded by Tucker Carlson who wants Trump to bomb the you-know-what out of Iran (like many others in Trump's admin and circle of friends like the Saudis).

But as a recent survey found, Trump supporters followed Fox while Clinton supporters followed several mainstream media other than Fox.

So, why didn't Fox oppose Trump?

Why did Fox, as the right wing media of the deepe state, not attack Trump on anything, and instead promote Clinton?

It is because the deep state is OK with Trump. Sure, some of his policies are not part of the agenda, but generally he is much better than Sanders would have been. To the deep state either Clinton or Trump is OK. The left deep state hates Trump, and the right deep state hates Clinton. But both can continue the agenda. And Kissinger has persuaded his fellow globalists to give Trump a chance, because Bilderberg just gave Trump their thumbs up, and Trump's Bilderberg Four are still in their jobs.

But all you have to do is look at Trump's foreign policy so far: a serious, serious alliance with the Saudis (who did 9/11 and unleashed the Jihadis) against Iran (who didn't do 9/11 and is fighting the Jihadis); bombing and invading Syria after years of warning Obama to stay out of Syria; expanding Obama's pivot to Asia with a surprise focus on North Korea; and unleashing Wall Street and a massive increase in the US military to please the bnaking-military-industrial complex.

And while Trump slammed China, his glamorous daughter Ivanka's supply chain is overwhelmingly based on cheap Communist Chinese sweatshops (even while she has an office in the White House reportedly to help daddy make America great again).

And what about this: Trump was laundering money for nearly 3 decades at a renowned CIA/mob money laundering front and was not investigated by the FBI, even though he was fined twice for money laundering; but Sanders' wife takes out a loan and gets investigated by the FBI based on rumours!

Fox could have destroyed Trump, but didn't.

Even the 'leftist' media could have destroyed Trump by exposing Trump's "greatest friend" Roy Cohn as the CIA-paedophile enabler scumbag that he was, but didn't, instead portraying Cohn as just a loveable rogue.

So why didn't the deep state block Trump?

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