Thursday, July 13, 2017


Surely now, even the hardest of die-hard Trumpers can see through this!!

Trump is definitely hiding something that went on between his team and Russia.

Trumpers like Infopervs told us to vote for Trump because Clinton was going to start WW3 with Russia. That's what they said. They explicitly said, "Vote for Trump because Clinton will start WW3 with Russia". And now Trump is trying to worm his way out of Don Jr's flirtation with collusion with Russia by suggesting that Putin wanted Clinton to win?!

Putin wanted Trump to win to STOP Clinton winning. Trump was also open to getting rid of Obama's sanctions that blocked the development/exploitation of Russia's Arctic which could bring $5 trillion into Russia's treasury. And Putin wanted Trump to win because Trump was talking about weakening NATO (Trump has instead strengthened NATO) and cooperation in the Middle East (Trump has shot down a Syrian plane leading Putin to placing all US planes in the crosshairs, has bombed Syria, and is covertly invading Syria, which is much more than Obama did).

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