Tuesday, July 17, 2018


British Monarchy : we detest you for blackmailing us into continuing WW1 for Palestine. As British subjects it was your duty to get the USA into the war on our side without reward. But don't tell the world we engineered the war. Or else!

Zionists : Or else what? You shouldn't have engineered the war in the first place! But we wanted Palestine and nowhere but Palestine. But don't tell the world we blackmailed you into continuing WW1 for 2 more years. Or else!

British Monarchy : Or else what?

Zionists : Or else we might 'hint' to the world that you started the war.

British Monarchy : Then we might 'hint' to the world that you continued it.

Zionists : Hmm. Seems we're both in a bit of a pickle.

British Monarchy : Yes. Here's a suggestion. Let's just, you know, carry on as normal - we exert power overtly while you exert power covertly, that sort of thing - and everything should be just fine. Fancy some tea?

Zionists : Splendid! Typhoo or PG Tips?

British Monarchy : Actually, it's Sainsbury Red Label for you, I'm afraid. OK?

Zionists : Forget it!

British Monarchy : Oh, what a shame. See you tomorrow? Same time? Same conversazione?

Zionists : Aaagh, go and start a world war!

British Monarchy : And you continue it!!

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