Monday, July 30, 2018


It makes me laugh at the likes of Jud-a$$ when I hear them talking about patriotism while they support Israel and Brexit.

For starters, the British Monarchy engineered and kicked off WW1. The British Empire, based on slavery, was being replaced by the American System of Economics based much more on merit (but there was still privilege involved). Land-based trade routes based on rail were taking over the traditional sea routes dominated by the British Royal Navy. So the British Monarchy deployed Freemasonry to kick off WW1, to drag the collaborators into war with each other to destroy each other: USA, Russia and Germany.

But by 1916 Britain was losing the war due to German U-boats. And the USA was still officially neutral.

By this time the Zionists had been trying to be given a homeland in Palestine for centuries.

So seeing the British Monarchy in dire straits, the Zionists siezed their opportunity, offered to the British that they could get the USA into the war on their side but in return the Zionists wanted Palestine as a Jewish homeland in any post-war peace plan.

The Zionists got their man, the KKK Woodrow Wilson to drag the USA into the war on the side of the British in April 1917, and in return got the Balfour Declaration from the British 6 months later.

At Versailles and other subsequent peace conferences the British were given Palestine, after stabbing the Palestinians in the back.

What followed was more horrific than WW1: mass Jewish immigration into Palestine; mass murder; terror; collabaoration between Nazis and Zionists; WW2; holocaust; and then the 1948 Jewish campaign of terror.

No true English patriot can support this.

But sadly massive perrrrverrrt Paul Joseph Watson does (and all for money).

And if I'm wrong, Perrrverrrt Paul, please, please, please take me to court (you f***ing perrrrverrrt!!!! You and all your mates, new and old).

And if you're wondering why I mentioned Brexit: who drove Brexit? Rupert Murdoch!! He who became close friends with deep, dark CIA agent Roy Cohn who ran paedophile networks, and also with Bomber Drumpf who called Cohn his "closest friend". Murdoch 'advises' Drumpf several times a week via private telephone conversation.

What we have in Drumpf is basically Roy Cohn: the network; the friends; the alliances; everything.

Paedophilia included.

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