Tuesday, July 10, 2018


If anyone was deep state then it was Roy Cohn.

Cohn was given, repeat given, a job at a New York law firm so that he could be the de fact liaison between the CIA and the New York mob, which he did become.

Cohn then ran paedophile networks for the CIA: to obtain blackmail material for the CIA; to supply children for the 'parties' of CIA-sponsored satanists, which Cohn sometimes attended.

Bomber Drumpf called Cohn his "greatest friend".

Alex Jones and his sidekicks, the world champion sell-out Jud-a$$ and the ultimate creep and rightist Zionist globalist fixer Roger Stone, love Bomber Drumpf.

But here's Bomber Drumpf calling Strzok and Page a "total disgrace", just for expressing their dislike for Bomber Drumpf. Meanwhile he keeps quiet about what he knew about Cohn (and Jeffrey Epstein) and his paedophile networks.

So who's the real "total disgrace"?

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