Wednesday, July 25, 2018


So that one arm of the deep state (the rightist) can focus the anger of the other arm of the deep state (the leftist) onto something of miild interest but which in the grand scheme of things is petty and futile, while the hierarchy above the leftist and rightist deep state, above both the left and the right, gets on with continuing the agenda.

And that agenda includes:
1. destroying Yemen (for Saudi Arabia);
2. going after Iran (for Israel and Saudi Arabia as per the 9/11 plan);
3. unleashing Wall Street;
4. loving Israel; (even after JFK, USS Liberty, 9/11);
5. focusing anger onto the left, mooslims and immigrants instead of onto themselves.


And that's just for starters!

I mean, has not one single Trumper, not one single employee of Infowar$, asked why merchant of death Bomber Drumpf is so loyal to Israel when Israel did 9/11?

After all these years??

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