Wednesday, July 18, 2018


The Zionist Warburgs come from Venice where they were known as Del Banco.

At the start of the 16th Century Venice was well known for its manipulation and warmongering. The powers of Europe came together against Venice and planned to invade and destroy Venice to stabilise and bring peace to Europe and beyond. This was known as The League of Cambrai. However, the league failed. Venice bought off the Vatican. But the League of Cambrai forced Venice to recognise that it was doomed. So the leading families of Venice began to relocate and they began to move north. One nation who didn't join the League of Cambrai was England, so Venice moved to England. Along the way the Del Bancos stopped off in a little town called Warburg, renamed themselves after the town to hide their Venetian roots and stayed there. They eventually became the most powerful bankers in Germany and helped to relocate German Jews to Palestine through the Haavara while also backing the Nazis by organising boycotts and protests of anti-Nazi groups and controlling and/or directing IG Farben and the Reichsbank.

Venice brought their evil fractional reserve banking practices and freemasonry with them to England. It was Venice who defended Henry VIII against the Vatican which led to Henry creating the Church of England so he could divorce and re-marry at will.

All this is expertly exposed by Webster Tarpley.

Israel is the modern day Venice: its founders financed and continued WW1 to grab Palestine; they then engineered the Nazis; terrorised 800k Palestinians into refugee camps; through 9/11 manipulated the USA and others into fighting Israel's wars for them; and they control international finance (as they did at the time of the League of Cambrai).

We need a modern day League of Cambrai against Israel, which the Warburgs/Del Bancos helped to create. Not necessarily military action, because Israel has nukes and could easily torch the planet. But we need a league all the same to do something.

Sadly, it looks like Drumpf and Putin have sold out to Venice/Israel.

This is not anti-semitism. This is common sense.

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