Monday, July 09, 2018



Putin wanted revenge on Clinton for American meddling in Russian elections, and saw Clinton as a potential cause for WW3. Israel wanted the USA to pull out of the Iran deal, move the US embassy to Jerusalem and to crush the Palestinians.


Bilderberg globalist Zionist Rupert Murdoch and his powerful global(ist) media network backed Trump. Smaller Zionist media networks followed: Breitbart; Rebel; David Horowitz. Bannon and Mercer used Cambridge Analytica. Mueller stumbled across at least one Israeli intelligence front that manipulated social media.

That's Israel.

As for Russia?

Here's where it gets interesting.

Infowar$ were initially anti-Trump, and called him a shill for Clinton.

But then this geezer called Roger Stone started to appear on Infowar$. Infowar$ then changed their minds and became ridiculously pro-Trump. Infowar$ then began to re-post a large number of articles by Russia Today, many of which were anti-Clinton.

I still maintain that it was Comey who torpedoed Clinton with his unnecessary announcement with just days to go before the election that the FBI was looking into some more Clinton emails that may be suspicicous. Clinton lost about 5% in the polls due to this statement. And then with just one day to go before the election Comey announced that there was nothing suspicious in those emails. But it was too late for Clinton. She lost about 5% due to Comey's initial announcement, and only regained about 2% at the most upon Comey's second announcement.

But the Infowar$ demographic may have been large enough to influence the election to get Trump over the top. The Murdoch/Breitbart/Rebel/Horowitz network and the rest of the Zionist media got Trump within touching distance of Clinton. It is a big may, but Infowar$ is influential. And why would the fixer for the rightist Zionist faction of the globalists, Roger Stone, work with Infowar$ to get Trump elected?

Which begs the question : did Russia and Israel knowingly collude to get Trump elected?

We'll see what Putin says and does about Israel once again attacking Syria.

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