Tuesday, July 10, 2018


The EU and the UN.

Both criticise Israel.

When Nikki Haley was appointed US Ambassador to the UN, the very first thing she said was, "There's a new sheriff in town." The USA has since pulled out of a number of bodies of the UN that relate to Israel and Palestine.

Bomber Drumpf, who proclaims that nobody loves more and is more loyal to Israel than he is, also supports Brexit.

Thus, by helping to elect Bomber Drumpf as POTUS, Israel wins on the battlefield against both the UN and the EU (as well as on the relocation of the US Embassy to Jerusalem and aid for the Palestinians).

But as for Russia? Russia would welcome a weakening of the EU. Not so sure about a weakening of the UN though.

And then there is Hillary Clinton. Clinton would have signed off the interference in the Russian elections by the USA to stop Putin being re-elected. And then there's Libya (which strangely enough Russia and China abstained on in 2011). And despite Clinton expressing support for Israel, she fully supported the Iran deal.

So would this be enough for Russia to knowingly collude with Israel to get Bomber Drumpf elected?


And did it matter to the British whether Trump or Clinton were elected?

Well, let's have a look at Cambridge Analytica. This was a Bannon/Mercer project. Cambridge Analytica was a Zionist/British/American intel project to influence elections around the world. So why did Bannon/Mercer get them involved? And why has Mueller basically ignored them as well as another Israeli intel front?

So, I'll conclude with this: the two major events of this century so far are 9/11 and the financial crisis of 2007/8.

On 9/11, of the 7 countries named by General Wesley Clark, only Iran has not suffered yet, and Iran is the big enchilada. Clinton could not have gone after Iran after she approved the Iran deal. But Trump? Trump told AIPAC he would rip up that deal, which he has done, and he has accelerated towards war with Iran in other ways too.

And as for the financial crisis of 2007/8? Drumpf is unleahsing the banks without Glass-Steagall. Not sure if Clinton could have gotten away with that.

But back to the Russia/Israel collusion: could they?

I believe, yes. And I believe it was through Infowar$. Infowar$ flipped on Trump, Israel and Russia, and it was all after Roger Stone started to appear frequently as a 'guest', i.e creep.

Stone knows and/or did something.

Alex Jones' ex-wife Kelly thinks Stone too.

If Kelly Jones can get Stone to testify then that would be the most beautiful thing. Slippery Stone knows something. He is the rightist Zionist globalist fixer. Things changed significantly when he appeared. Changed enough to get Trump elected. And both Russia and Israel influenced the election.

It's whether you trust Putin and Netanyahu rather than Trump.

Sadly I trust none of them.

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