Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Jud-a$$ sold out.

He was mildly critical of Israel in 2014, but is now definitely in full throttle blaming everything on leftists, muslims and immigrants.

He has appeared on, and is well chuffed to be retweeted by, the likes of Zionist media like Rebel.

And of course, his worship of ultra Zionist Bomber Drumpf is now legendary.

As stated, after engineering the war through first prince Edward and then King Edward VII, his protege Sir Edward Grey and Freemasonry, by 1916 the British Empire was losing WW1 and Germany was seeking peace, even suggesting a return to pre-war borders!

But the Zionists saw their opportunity. They proposed that Britain continue the war because they could get the USA into the war on the British side, but only if the Zionists could be given their centuries-long ambition of Palestine as a Jewish homeland.

But at the time, Palestine was part of the Ottoman Empire.

But that was not a problem for Perfide Albion.

They encouraged the Palestinians to rebel against the Ottomans in return for being granted independence by the British should the British win the war.

Now, this is skullduggery at its finest. Because if the Zionists could get the USA into the war on the British side then Germany was doomed. But if the Zionists could get the USA into the war on the British side then Britain would have to reward the Zionists with their wish: Palestine.

So here we have a problem.

Actually, it was no problem for the British (who engineered the war in the first place).

The simple solution? Stab the Palestinians in the back. Why? Because they couldn't get the USA into the war one way or t'other.

The Zionists eventually got the USA into the war through reference to the Lusitinia (which was created by Rothschild agent J P Morgan). And the Zionists got something in return, the Balfour Declaration, which recognised a possible Jewish homeland in Palestine but did not straight up declare that Britain would grant the Jews a homeland in Palestine no matter what. There was a strict caveat: that the Jews would not treat the Palestinians like shit.

But, of course, that caveat has been totally ignored...and without any repurcussions.

Anyway, the point of this blog is that the Zionists encouraged the British Monarchy, and succeeded in doing so, in continuing WW1 for 2 more years...just so they could be given Palestine.

Two more years of blowing men, women and children to bits. Two more years of slaughter, maiming, drowning, hate and useless, pointless death. But more importantly for this blog: 2 more years of slaughter, death, maiming, drowning and agony of patriotic British soldiers.

And all because of Zionism.

And yes, that is the same Zionism that Jud-a$$ has sold out too.

Jud-a$$ thinks he is a patriot for selling out to this Zionism, that led to the continuation of WW1 for 2 more years, that eventually led to WW2, the Nakba, the USS Liberty, and 9/11 and the subsequent wars...which still continue.

I think he's not a patriot. I think he's a massive traitor (and a massive pervert, but we'll leave that for now).

And that wrecking the EU and the UN at this time only benefits Israel.

The wrecking of the EU also helps Russia, which I have attempted to show recently is basically the same as helping Israel, because there is a case that Putin is exactly like Bomber Drumpf when it comes to Israel.

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