Friday, July 27, 2018


When you look at Drumpfism, I mean ignore all the hype from Infowar$ and all the other misguided dupes, what you find is pure deadly greed.

The best example is Drumpf and that "cancer on the world", as Jud-a$$ describes Saudi Arabia.

Merchant of death Bomber Drumpf hinted that he knew the Saudis played a role in 9/11 and that he would release the 28 pages. But what has he done instead? He has not released the 28 pages and has instead allied with the Saudis (who did do 9/11 and unleashed the cutthroat Jihadis) against Iran (who didn't do 9/11 and is fighting those cutthroat Jihadis). But the really sad and sick aspect of this sell-out is that Bomber Drumpf's alleged 'economic miracle' involves flogging as many weapons to the likes of the Saudis as possible. The Saudis have been destroying Yemen, putting the lives of millions of children at risk of either death and/or terrible disease. But that's not a problem for 'Christian' Drumpf. If it involves bombing brown children then he'll flog you the bombs.

Bomber Drumpf : making death great again.

But where is all the money going from this alleged 'economic miracle' known as Drumpfism?

Well, where do you think? (clue : it's not to the 99%)

If you only read one article today, or even over the weekend, then read this:

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