Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Fact : Israel did 9/11 (with the Saudis and a Zionist faction around Dov Zakheim) to kick off a series of wars that still continue today, with the grand finale against Iran still to come.

Fact : Drumpf claims nobody loves more and is more loyal to Israel than he is (and his actions and words strongly support this, e.g. no 9/11 inquiry despite suggesting he thought the Saudis were involved...to whom he sold out faster than Jud-a$$ did!).

Fact : Putin allowed the war on Iraq.

Fact : Putin (via Medvedev) allowed the war on Libya.

Fact : Putin allowed the war on Syria until he was forced to enter due to the final report into MH17 (Russia entered just a week before the final report was published), but by then the refugee crisis was well underway so what harm could it have done.

Fact : both Israel and Russia meddled in the 2016 US election one way or another to get Drumpf elected (though whether they knowingly colluded is another question (but I wouldn't be surprised)).

Fact : Putin and Drumpf just agreed to work together to guarantee Israel's security (after all that Israel has done, and not just to the USA on 9/11).


Fact : We've been had.

Fact(s) : Infowar$ are OK with this allegiance to a rightist/Zionist/Stone/Drumpf/Putin axis because they're just a simple bunch of perverts, spies and stalkers who blame the world's ills on leftists, mooslims and immigrants. Stone was the homosexual lover of Roy Cohn who ran paedophile networks for the CIA, and Stone also advertised in Dark Cavern for a big black guy with a big, black you-know-what to f*ck his wife while he watched, i.e. the ultimate cuck. Drumpf used to hold underage sex-and-cocaine parties where Drumpf took great and sick sexual advantage of coked-up underage female model wannabes. Putin kisses randomly-selected boys stomachs (see photo above). Alex Jones spies on and stalks his ex-wife Kelly and denies her free speech, and has at least twice claimed publicly to support Israel. And Jud-a$$ sold out to the Zionist network and is a massive peeping tom perrrverrt.

Thems the facts.

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