Thursday, July 19, 2018


In a couple of tweets today, Bomber Drumpf showed just how clueless he and boys-stomach-kissing Poots really are. The topics explicitly listed by Drumpf in those tweets are:
1. stopping terrorism;
2. security for Israel;
3. nuclear proliferation;.
4. cyber attacks;
5. trade;
6. Ukraine;
7. Middle East peace;
8. North Korea.

Most of these are linked and due to one of the nations named: Bomber Drumpf's beloved Israel.

Stopping terrorism: Who did 9/11 and unleashed the cutthroat Jihadis? Israel, Saudi Arabia and a Zionist faction in the USA around Dov Zakheim.

Security for Israel: who attacked the USS Liberty and did 9/11? Israel.

Nuclear proliferation: who assassinated JFK and RFK for the bomb? Who has hundreds of undeclared nukes while Iran and Saudi Arabia have none? Israel.

Cyber attacks: who just hacked and meddled in the US election in 2016? Russia...after being encouraged to do so by none other than Bomber Drumpf himself ("Russia! If you're listening...").

Ukraine: The problem in Ukraine is due to Syria wich is due to Israel. The war in Syria is due to the Zionist war plan revealed to General Wesley Clark shortly after 9/11. After years of war in Syria, Assad was still in power. In August 2013 a highly suspicious event occured in Ghouta which the war party attempted to use for overt war on Syria but failed. Poots defused the situation by agreeing to Syria giving up all its WMDs, which Syria did. In revenge, after Ukraine decided to ally with Russia and not the EU-NATO axis, NATO backed some neo-Nazis who led a violent and bloody coup, after which they started war on East Ukraine which is predominantly pro-Russia. Russia invaded to protect East Ukraine. Sadly, MH17 was shot down when the airspace above East Ukraine was not shut down by the neo-Nazis.

Middle East process: again, the violence in the Middle East is due to Israel and its apparently unlikely ally Saudi Arabia. They did 9/11 to drag the USA into the Middle East quicksand to take out their enemies. Syria managed to stall and repel the assault by a proxy force of international cutthroat Jihadis sponsored by Saudi Arabia and Israel. Russia reluctantly joined to defend Assad.

North Korea: hats off to Bomber Drumpf if he can pull that off. But North Korea and Iran are in the so-called axis-of-evil and are thought by Zionists to be collaborating to develop nukes.

But as you can see, most of the problems Bomber Drumpf explicitly listed above are due to his beloeved Israel. And Poots has agreed to provide for Israel's security.

We don't need all this, two blokes talking about solving these problems when they are due to the one nation they swear to protect and defend.

We need a fresh, modern League of Cambrai against Venice/Israel.

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