Tuesday, July 17, 2018


Out of Sanders, Clinton and Drumpf?

For Israel: despite being a Jew, Sanders is too anti-Israel; Clinton supported the Iran deal; and Drumpf is a bigger Zionist than Netanyahu and his benefactor Adelson put together and multiplied by a gerzillion.

For Russia: Sanders is soft on Russia; Clinton is very anti-Russia (despite alleged Uranium One); and Drumpf is very pro-Russia (e.g. inviting Russia to hack Clinton servers, etc.).

In the polls Sanders would have destroyed Trump. So who did Infowar$ attack? Sanders.

Once Clinton had elbowed Sanders out of the race (with the subtle assistance of Infowar$), it was down to a straight Clinton v Drumpf race.

And with Drump's AIPAC speech and his invitation to Russia to hack American servers at will...

But it all still begs the question : why did Comey publicly announce the investigation into recently discovered Clinton emails with just days to go before the election? It was this announcement that torpedoed Clinton, and Comey did not have to make that announcement!

One strong answer is that he was pressured to do so by a large pro-Giuliani faction in the FBI. Giuliani is now a chief lawyer for and political adviser to Drumpf. And he just attended a rally for the terrorist MeK in Paris. And lest we forget: it was deep, dark CIA agent Roy Cohn who got Giuliani his big break in federal and state law to become a prosecutor for New York.

It's still that rightist Zionist CIA/FBI/mob network. You know. The same network that Bomber Drumpf bought the Zionist CIA/FBI/mob moneylaundering front Resorts International from in 1987...which continued moneylaundering...without investigation by one Robert Mueller.

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