Thursday, July 19, 2018


Trump Winery hires cheap foreign labour. As does Bomber Drumpf at Mar-a-Lago. And now he wants even more!!

He complains he can't hire Americans at $13 per hour during the season.

Well, here's a novel idea : PAY MORE!!

Bomber Drumpf:
1. during his inauguration told the whole world, "Buy American. Hire American.";
2. is (allegedly) a multi-billionaire.

He gives Israel hundreds of millions of dollars of American taxpayers dollars above the near $4 billion agreed. He slashes aid to the Palestinians. But Israel attacked the USS Liberty and killed 34 US military personnel, and Israel did 9/11 and unleashed the cutthroat Jihadis. Palestinians didn't and have been subject to blatant ethnic cleansing by Israel.

Now he totally exposes himself as the ultimate hypocrite after he encouraged Ivanka to base the supply chain of her fashion business in China to exploit as much cheap Communist Chinese sweatshop labour as possible to make as much profit as possible. Because no American can make a dress, right?

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