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I'd never heard of The Parushim but did know of the approach by Zionists during WW1 that they could get the USA into the war on the side of the British but in return the Zionists wanted Palestine.

The 20th Century was about establishing Israel.

The 21st Century so far has been about consolidating and expanding Israel.

In 1916 the British were losing the war because German U-boats ruled the waves and were sinking military and merchant ships. But Germany was also offering peace and a return to pre-war borders. The Zionists had been trying to establish Eretz Israel since the times of Sabbatai Zevi, who claimed to be the reincarnation of the Messiah. He was followed by a right freak called Jacob Frank, who claimed to the reincarnation of the Messiah, King David and Zevi. Frank created a sex cult, and in his later years was sponsored by the Rothschilds. As we know, Rothschild scattered his five sons across Europe. Nathan landed in London and became business partners with and, by marriage to sisters of the same Jewish family, was also the brother-in-law of Moses Montefiore. Montefiore made it his life's mission to establish Israel and dedicated his fortune to this goal. The Rothshilds then founded the first Jewish colony, called Rishon le Zion, in Palestine.

There was very little trouble in Palestine between the Palestinians and the immigrant Jews.

Theodor Herzl asked the Ottomans if the Jews could be given Palestine as a Jewish homeland, but was refused. However, the Jews were offered other homelands, which they refused.

So during WW1 they saw an opportunity: if the USA could be dragged into the war on the British side then they could be given Palestine as a reward in any subsequent peace treaties. The USA entered the war in April 1917. Seven months later the Zionists got The Balfour Declaration on 2nd November 1917. And in subsequent peace talks the British were awarded Palestine and allowed mass Jewish immigration into the region.

What Tony Gosling has found is the book that exposes the skullduggery behind how the Zionists kept WW1 going for 2 more years just so that they could be given Palestine. We could have had peace in 1916, and a return to pre-war borders. But the British were encouraged by the Zionists to continue the war the British had engineered and started.

Of course, after WW1 there was mass Jewish immigration, riots, mass murder and slaughter by both sides. And the Zionists even collaborated with the Nazis, who were helped by the Warburgs, in the Haavara to transfer Jews out of Germany into Palestine. But only 10% of German Jews took up this offer of the Haavara, which was also financed by the Warburgs.

But after the Warburg-backed Hitler went on the rampage and rounded up, shipped and murdered millions of Jews?

After WW2 Jews from all over the world flocked to Palestine to terrorise and murder the Palestinians off their lands and farms to eventually declare Eretz Israel in 1948.

Since then we've had Israel assassinate JFK and RFK to get the bomb, the USS Liberty attacked by Israel in a LBJ-backed plan to drag the USA into a war against Egypt for Israel, and then the big enchilada: 9/11 and the subsequent wars which continue to this day.

And please note : Russia under Poots allowed those wars, and has not exposed the Zionist war plan behind them.

And what just happened at Helsinki earlier this week?

Well, to start with, it was Netanyahu who pushed Drumpf into meeting with Putin. Poots and Nets seem to be quite close. A bit too close for comfort, perhaps? But the main outcome from Helsinki is that both the USA and Russia have agreed to guarantee the security of Israel!

After all the above.

So thanks, Tony, for finding and reporting on this book, Against Our Better Judgement, by Alison Weir.

And no, I will not be having "a nice and relaxing weekend". Not now.

Oh, and remember who openly supports Israel: Bomber Drumpf and Alex Jones of Infowar$. I have not heard Jud-a$$ openy declare his support for Israel, but his actions indicate that he does support Israel. How can he work for someone who not only supports all the above Zionist skullduggery, terror and murder, but also claims to be in favour of freedom and privacy but hires creeps to spy on and stalk his ex-wife. But considering Jud-a$$ is a massive peeping tom perrrverrrt...

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