Saturday, July 07, 2018


9/11 was done for a reason: Iran.

General Wesley Clark told us about a plan for war and regime change in seven countries in five years. That plan has been advanced albeit very slowly...except for Iran.

Tucker Carlson detests Iran. Absolutely detests Iran. His father was serious CIA! For whatever reason (though any sane being would know why), Carlson has been given top slot on Fox News.

And yes, that is the same Fox News owned/controlled by Rupert Murdoch.

1. where was sell-out Icke on 28th June 2014, having made a fortune out of blaming Freemasonry for everything?
2. why is Icke promoting Carlson?

In answer to 2. - selling out...just like Jud-a$$.

Dear David Icke. Shut up and just get on with selling-out to the Zionists and their prima donna pro-war puppet Tucker Carlson.

The anti-war movement in not just the UK but all over the world will soon be after not just your sell-out neck but also that of Jud-a$$!! So start looking for a hide-out. And I am not kidding either. You are both fully aware of the surveillance network against me and have said or done nothing to tell me about it amd have insteadmtried to use it to your advantage. Think I'm joking? Pff t! But unbeknownst to you (or maybe not) it involves the family of a leading member of the antiwar movement in not just the UK but the world!! So you can asap understand why MI5 etc would be interested? Just shows how much you know and have been told by your MI5, Mossad and Russian handlers, yes?. Again, think I'm joking?


Good luck with your 'anti-war' necks! You coward sell-outs!!!

Same goes to the Russian pervert intels too!! Good luck with your necks.

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