Friday, July 06, 2018


From summer 1998 to spring 2005 I was zapped. By that I mean several times most nights just as I was about to fall asleep I was zapped so I would wake up immediately, most times with heart palpitations. Frequently this occured while I was actually asleep. How do I know this? Because not only did I hear the bizz/fizz/rasp to wake me up, I actually felt the membranes in my skull vibrating to generate those sounds!! Sometimes, instead of those sounds, a very terrifying sound, like a very aggressive growling, barking German Shepherd dog or a twelve bore shotgun being fired, was heard instead, but with the same result: immediately awake with a sense of terror/fear/panic.

I did think that this was from satellite but now believe that this attack is via the mobile telephone network.

How does a mobile telephone, or WiFi wireless laptop, communicate? Via very subtle vibrations in the electromagnetic field. But the same idea applies to you: your mobile phone masks a transmitter/receiver but the signal must be strong enough to transmit through the cover. Now imagine your brain as the transmmitter/receiver and your skull as the cover of your mobile phone.

Not so funny now, huh?

All this kind of 'shit' was done in the 1970s. Some of it has been patented.


When did the first mobile phones start to appear and work? 1980s...after 1970s...when all this initial stuff was patented.

Since 2005, particularly since 2012, I noticed a significant reduction in the brutal obvious zapping but have noticed a significant increase in the number of times I just wake up in the middle of the night for no reason whatsoever. And when that happens it felt like I was being sucked or dragged out of sleep instead of being brutally buzzed awake like I was between 1998 and 2005. It also felt completely different to waking up naturally.

What happens to the human being when you lose sleep? Lots of sleep? Lots and lots of sleep?

And does a robot need sleep?

So, what if, through 5G, the mobile phone network can be used to wake up a fraction of the human race every night, but that fraction varies every night, so that gradually everyone loses sleep, every few nights, but they don't know why?

With me, initially I would hear and feel the buzz/fizz/rasp that woke me up. But as stated above, lately during sleep I would wake up for no obvious reason but I would feel like I had been sucked/dragged out of sleep, and would struggle to get back to sleep until about 4am.

Now, if everyone was being awakened by a buzz/fizz etc that they could feel and hear, and workers discussed this at breaks or at the water cooler, then everyone would know that everyone else was going through the same experience and ask WTF is going on.

But if the awakening was soundless and no buzzing or fizzing of the membranes occured,as with me initially, and thus was not felt?


Everyone loses sleep, reduces natural thinking frequency, cannot access higher frequency knowledge, and reduces to a beast.

And nobody has any clue, and doesn't want to have clue, as to what happened.

Result? Perfect for the NWO (and Infowar$).

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