Friday, June 29, 2018


Bomber Drumpf has expressed his opposition to abortion. This is good. There is not much more disgusting, abhorrent and sickening than killing a child in the womb. However, an outright ban on abortion would, I believe, lead to an increase in back street abortions and deaths of desperate mothers. At the moment abortion is a sad fact of life. Men and women do not seem to be able to control themselves and see killing a defenceless child as the solution to their carnal lusts (I also believe that this is why there is so much war). There should be much more education and support for women considering abortion regarding alternatives, and maximum effort to dissuade, let's face it, infanticide.

But if Bomber Drumpf is concerned about the child in the womb then what about the child outside the womb, i.e. after birth?

Once you start to talk about a child's right to life in the womb then you must include ALL children, born or not.

So is Bomber Drumpf concerned for ALL children?

Erm, nope.

Let's just take two examples:
1. Yemen - Bomber Drumpf is assisting that "cancer on the world", as Jud-a$$ describes Saudi Arabia, to create a humanitarian catastrophe which risks the lives of millions of innocent children. Jud-a$$ says nothing about this even though he spoke out against this multiple times while Obama did it and Bomber Drumpf is doing much more than Obama in Yemen. And what's more, Bomber Drumpf is assisting Saudi Arabia for 2 reasons:
(a) as a proxy war against Iran, who didn't do 9/11 and is fighting the cutthroat Jihadis, while the Saudis did 9/11 and unleashed the Jihadis;
(b) to flog as many weapons of mass death as possible in his deadly economic plan to Make America Great Again.

2. Gaza - a refugee camp since Zionist terrorists terrified Palestinians off their lands and farms after WW2 to declare Eretz Israel after decades of trying and failing to persuade world Jewry to migrate to Palestine. Bomber Drumpf has sided with Israel (after Israel attacked the USS Liberty and did 9/11), has called Netanyahu "a great guy" after he murdered about 500 children in Gaza in 2014, and has now slashed the level of Palestinian aid while he gives Israel more money above that agreed with the Zionist-bought Congress for more weapons to shoot and blow protestors to bits.

In both these cases it is Bomber Drumpf who is driving the suffering and deaths of innocent children.

Images of suffering children in Yemen occasionally make it into the mainstream media, but then footy or Love Island takes precedence.

But Gaza?

Infant mortality in Gaza, in sharp decline since the 1960s, has stagnated over the past decade, according to a new study.

The estimated infant mortality rate amongst Palestinian refugees in the territory has not declined since 2006. Refugees make up about 70 percent of Gaza’s population of two million.

This is an alarm bell about the health of Gaza’s whole population, experts say.

The period of stagnation coincides with Israel’s ongoing siege on the territory that has hit nearly all aspects of life hard.

[source: “Alarming trend” in Gaza infant mortality, Electronic Intifada,,26th June 2018]

Sounds OK. The mortality rate hasn't declined.

But read closer: mortality rates elsewhere have decreased while in Gaza it is static.

Infant mortality – the death of a child within the first year of life – is decreasing in most of the world.

UNRWA, the United Nations agency for Palestine refugees, called the stalled decline in Gaza an “alarming trend.”

Gaza is expected to be uninhabitable in 2 years. Years of war and blockade and withholding of tax revenue have inevitably produced an open air sewer prison camp. And now Bomber Drumpf has slashed aid and is using the weakness of the Palestinians to force them into a deal which he can use as a vanity project.

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