Friday, June 29, 2018


He denies it.

New righters deny it.

But, fact: Milo called for the assassination of journalists just days ago.

The new right defence of Milo is that the suspect, Jarrod Ramos, has had a problem with the paper since around 2011, and that he had mental health issues.

But why did Ramos shoot now? Why not in 2013? Or in 2016? Or last year?

Why wait so long?

Ramos was possibly a Trumper:

So if Ramos was a Trumper in 2015 then he may well have tapped into the the whole alt- or new- right thing, like Infowars and Milo, hear about what Trump has said about journalists, read Milo's statement about assassinating journalists and thought, "Yeah. I've had enough. I'm going hunting for journalists."

Hey, just wild speculation...just like Jud-a$$ made when he jumped to the conclusion that the Toronto terror attack a few months ago was Islamic terror because initial reports were that he looked Middle Eastern, when the guy who actually did it was an Armenian Christian who supported crackpot misogynist organisations.

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