Monday, June 25, 2018


If only native Americans had had a border policy like Bomber Trump wants. Instead the native Americans welcomed the European settlers, helped them, developed good relations with them, traded with them, etc.

Turns out that the European settlers wanted it all! Over the next few hundred years the native Americans were systematically ethnically cleansed, and eventually herded into reservations of ever decreasing size, as generally white European settlers 'invaded' The United States of America and built America into what it is today: an imperialist warmongering, terrorist-supporting, racist Zionist nation, and the only one to have used atomic weapons, and that was unnecessarily so.

Bomber Trump's ancestors were immigrants from Germany. Grandfather Frederick Trump/Drumpf ran a high class hotel which was believed to have been a brothel (so no suprise that Bomber Trump went into the hotel business and held underage-sex-and-cocaine parties then). Frederick then sold up to return to Germany but upon his return he was classified as a tax fraud and believed to have dodged the draft for the German Army, so he was deported back to the USA. The Trumps/Drumpfs have been immigrants ever since.

And while Bomber Trump rants about a nation having strong borders, how many nations is he invading and/or bombing without invitation?

Syria is one obvious answer. Bomber Drumpf tweeted Obama dozens of times to get out and stay out of Syria. Turns out that Bomber Drumpf/Trump wanted to bomb and build bases in Syria all along.

Bombing and building bases in Syria is not quite the same as turning up with your child at the US border looking to build a better life, is it? Only for your child to be ripped or tricked from your arms and sent to God knows where in the USA while you're held in an entirely different part of the country and then deported, and without your child.

Dunno about you but this all stinks of hypocrisy to me.

Get it sorted, Drumpf.

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