Thursday, June 21, 2018


They kept WW1 going for 2 years just so they could be given Palestine.

They allied with the Nazis to transfer German Jews to Palestine, but when that didn't work they brought forth Hitler and a Holocaust to scare all Jews into wanting to move to Palestine.

They then terrorised approximately 800,000 Palestinians into the refugee camps of Gaza and the West Bank and have been gradually grabbing lands and farms, replacing them with illegal settlements, and building a wall.

They then got the US political machine by the you-know-whats, and whacked JFK and RFK to get the bomb and the many and heavy weapons they demanded.

They then attacked the USS Liberty, killing 34 US military personnel, in an LBJ-approved attempt to drag the USA into the Six Day War to take out Egypt.

They then did 9/11 to get the USA to take out their close enemies Iraq, Syria and Libya, and are now trying to get Bomber Trump to finish off the job by taking out Iran while Kissinger and Bolton whisper in Trump's ear.

Now here they are, chanting and mocking "Ali's on the grill" after a young Palesintian child was burned to death in an arson attack by Israeli settlers.

As I say, nobody loves and is more loyal to these guys than Bomber Trump.

And nobody loves and is more loyal to Bomber Trump than Infowar$.

Heaven help us. Please, God.

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