Thursday, June 14, 2018


So, the OIG report into FBI actions in 2016 found no bias but said that Comey "deviated from the norm".

That is code for "torpedoed Clinton".

As stated before multiple times, there was a rightist Zionist/CIA/FBI/mob network that spawned Trump. It was their network that got Trump within touching distance of Clinton: Murdoch/Fox; Breitbart; Cambridge Analytica; Rebel/Horowitz; and one Infowar$, who repeated anti-Clinton RT propaganda without question, but also cosied upto the Zionists.

With two weeks to go until the election Clinton was leading comfortably. But then Comey, under pressure from a right wing faction within the FBI, publicised that a whole new batch of Clinton emails had just been found which looked suspicious. Turns out that the FBI had sat on those emails for months. And Comey didn't have to inform Congress either.

The result of this was that the public became sceptical of Clinton, and she lost about 4-5% in the polls.

So the FBI looked at those emails. Can you guess what happened? Yep. There was nothing, zilch, in those emails that was suspicious. Comey announced this finding just two days before the election, or was it the day before? Anyway, it was too late for Clinton. She regained about 1-2% in the polls, but it wasn't enough. She didn't have time to recoup what she had lost due to Comey.

So, why did Comey "deviate from the norm"?

Why did Comey torpedo Clinton?

Why did Comey swing the election for Trump?

And why did Trump blow Comey a kiss live on TV? Because Trump recognised precisely the significance of Comey's actions.

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