Wednesday, June 20, 2018


LarouchePAC, like Alex Jones, has bought the lie: Donald Trump is here to save not just America but the whole world.

The latest LarouchePAC Weekly states:
Here in the United States, LaRouchePAC, Lyndon LaRouche’s political action committee, has undertaken a campaign to “steal the base” out from under every Congressional and Senate candidate in the 2018 midterms. We are seeking constituency leaders who will sign a pledge to end the coup against Donald Trump and to implement Lyndon LaRouche’s Four Laws for Economic Recovery: Glass-Steagall banking separation, a credit system funding essential infrastructure and technological advances, direction of the credit from that system only into projects which will raise living standards and the productivity of the population, a crash program to develop fusion power, a transformational energy source. Our foreign policy should be centered on joining China and other willing partners in developing the war ravaged and deliberately failed economies of the former “third world.”

1. Bomber Trump is unleashing Wall Street...and without Glass-Steagall;
2. Wall Street intends to gamble again;
3. I see no desire to develop nuclear fusion but I do see the Pentagon being given over $700 billion;
4. far from joining China and other willing partners to develop "the war ravaged and deliberately failed economies of the former “third world.” ", Bomber Trump has allied with the medieval Saudis (who Larouche accuses of doing 9/11) and bombing Yemen back into prehistoric times.

There is also this:
In August of 1971, the City of London succeeded in destroying the gold reserve monetary system and restructuring the world’s economy as a casino, operating to its sole benefit. A new class of professional managerial elites was set up to maintain a world-wide zero population growth regime in which the rich got much richer and everyone else was sucked into servitude of one sort or another. Economic development of the world, creating productive jobs in the United States and other advanced countries, fundamental research and development and the scientific discovery required for sustained economic growth, these fundamental planks of actual humanism, were abandoned. In their place was a social structure in which the developing countries were put in a permanent state of chaos and war and the classes of people deemed entitled to wealth in the advanced sector was shrunk to the upper 1 and 2% of the population. A huge part of this plan was competition for fewer and fewer jobs and lower and lower costs of labor, world-wide. Immigrants fleeing certain death and suffering in countries deliberately starved of actual development by the IMF and World Bank, were driven to undertake life-threatening journeys into the advanced sector, driving wages down even further in the new host countries. There was inevitable and absolutely predictable resentment from the former middle and working classes in the host countries as they descended into the gig economy and poverty. Among the new arrivals were murderous gangsters, such as MS-13, who brought their brand of vicious killing and rape to their new “homes.” The entirely fake and completely unnecessary “immigration” issue, with all its racist and deadly connotations, was created and continues to be played by the puppet masters.

But we are where we are. The immigrants are in the USA. So do you focus on kicking them out, even though most of them are hardworking taxpayers and hope that employers give their jobs to Americans (which most will not do following the tax cuts? Or do you use a bit of imagination, tax Wall Street like Tarpley demands (not unleash it without Glass-Steagall) and implement a JFK-style investment tax credit to focus on creating jobs for humans with a reduction if not ban on automation? No need to divide by race, the Wall Street sales tax can be used for infrastructure and more human jobs created , and could also be used to research nuclear fusion.

Trump has also ripped up the Iran deal.

And the Singapore Summit still needs a hell of a lot more work on it. Plus it would have been suicidal for North Korea to start a war on the USA. It would never happen unless the USA attacked North Korea, and in John Bolton Trump picked just the man to start that war.

Israel and Saudi Arabia and a Zionist faction in the USA did 9/11. Iran didn't. So who has Trump allied with? Yep. Israel and Saudi Arabia against Iran.


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