Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Found on Jud-a$$ Twitter:

Note the last: Winners of custody of children.

Kelly was one of the 17% who won custody of their children. But somehow Alex has them, and denies her access according to his whim and without penalty from the judge/court.

Which indicates that there is indeed something very fishy going on in their case. A jury decided the children should be with Kelly, but despite all the evidence suggesting Alex is a violent narcissitic alcoholic he has them most of the time and denies her access when they shoud be with her. And it looks like evidence is being tampered with but it's not by Kelly.

1. the courts and judges look after Alex;
2. Twitter looks after Alex;
3. Youtube looks after Alex;
4. half of Alex's family are CIA and he has confessed to working with intelligence agencies.


There is only one.

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