Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Not only was there very little detail and even less agreement in the document signed yesterday by Kim Jong-Un and Bomber Trump, the business of getting on is now in the hands of John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, both of whom want war on North Korea and the assassination of Kim Jong-Un.

And yes, that is the same John Bolton who Jud-a$$ labels as a "mentally unstable maniac".

So has Kim been set up? Has he been offered 'a chance of a lifetime' (to flog North Korea's beaches to Trump who would develop them into something like Cuba was in the 1950s), only to reject the idea which Pompeo and Bolton can use to call for war and assassination?

Only time will tell. But Trump has shat on his supporters: appointed Bilderberg, CFR and Skull & Bones swamp-dwellers; allied with the Saudis; sold out to Israel who attacked the USS Liberty and whacked JFK and RFK; bombed Syria twice, is building bases there and is threatening to attack the SAA if they attack US-sponsored terrorists; unleashing Wall Street without Glass-Steagall; giving jobs at Mar-a-Lago and Trump Winery to cheap foreign labour.

And as covered in a blog below, he is doing nothing, absolutely nothing to stop the looming jobs apocalypse that could take over 70 million jobs from American humans as they are given to robots/AI without any system to help or support the American humans (sad how I have to use that language).

There are clearly no guarantees that the Singapore summit will not prove to be the prelude to a renewal and escalation of US war threats against North Korea. Significantly, Trump announced that the negotiations on concretizing the vague agreement he signed with Kim would be left in the hands of his secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, and national security adviser, John Bolton. Pompeo, as CIA director, suggested that the road to North Korea’s nuclear disarmament lay through the assassination of Kim Jong-un, while Bolton, as recently as last February, made the case in the Wall Street Journal for an unprovoked bombing campaign against the country.

More recently, Bolton suggested that the US negotiations with North Korea follow the “Libyan model,” which began with Muammar Gaddafi’s agreement to dismantle his weapons of mass destruction and ended with Gaddafi’s lynching at the hands of US-backed Islamist militiamen.

[source : The Singapore summit and the growing war threat, WSWS,, 13th June 2018]

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