Monday, June 18, 2018


Ooop! He did it again. But he had threatened to do it.

Probably won't spark another foul-mouthed rant from Alex Jones though. Coz Trump is his God.

A US-LED coalition aircraft has bombed a military base in eastern Syria, leading to deaths and injuries according to local media, in a move that could escalate tensions between President Assad’s forces and the US.

Syrian military have said there are a number of casualties after a US air-strike targeted a military position in al-Harri south East of Al-Boukamal in DeirEzzor.

There are unconfirmed reports there were also Hezbollah and Iranian forces at the military base.

[source : World War 3 fears ESCALATE as US 'BOMB' Syrian military site killing forces, Daily Express,, 18th June 2018]

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