Saturday, June 23, 2018


Alex Jones' ex-wife has given another interview about Alex, and again with more details.

We all need to listen to Kelly. She was married to Alex during the time that Infowar$ experienced rapid growth due to 9/11, Islamic terror and the PNAC wars. Alex proclaimed himself the leader of the resistance. I admit that I fell for it for a few years, but around 2013 had an epiphany and escaped from his cave.

As I understand it, Kelly says that Alex and his parents went behind her back before the divorce to establish a multi-million dollar business using her money. Alex now has multiple million dollar houses, and his parents do too.

But she also says that Alex wasn't partisan until Roger Stone appeared on the scene. I've been saying this for a while now. The whole message from Infowar$ changed. Before Stone it was Israel and the Saudis did 9/11 and all Islamic terror is run by the intels. They made a fortune from that message, and then made even more from flogging unnecessary health products (all you need is a well balanced diet and fresh water, not bottles and containers of this, that and the other). But after Stone the message has been that 9/11 was done by Muslims and all our troubles are due to Leftists and Muslims and this thing called The Deep State.

So just who is this Roger Stone?

How could he influence Infowar$ so much?

If you suffered austerity since 2007/8 it'll be because of Stone. It was he who enabled the financial crisis of 2007/8 by scuttling Eliot Spitzer who was investigating the corrupt practices of Wall Street.

If you suffered because of the wars since 9/11 it'll be because of Stone. It was Stone who got George W Bush into the White House by organising a riot to stop a recount in Florida in 2000. Once in the White House W was surrounded by senior and founding members of PNAC who wanted a "new Pearl Harbor", which they got on 9/11. W went to war as per the plan revealed to General Wesley Clark. Obama continued the plan. And now Bomber Trump is too.

It was Stone who bought the 1980 election for Ronald Reagan by delivering a $125k bung from the deep, dark CIA agent Roy Cohn.

Stone was, and to me still is, at the very least on the edge of The Deep State, if not a member. I also believe Trump is too. And that is because of Roy Cohn.

Infowar$ rant on and on and on about "The Deep State". But if anyone was deep state then it was Cohn.

Cohn was the de facto liaison between the CIA and the mob. Cohn was given that job by the CIA. He told the mob how to vote in 1980, which was of course for Reagan. Cohn also ran paedophile networks for the CIA: to obtain blackmail material; and to supply children for the 'parties' of CIA-sponsored Satanists, which Cohn sometimes attended.

Now that is what I call deep state. None of this vague text and email business about stopping Trump (the Strzok/Page communications). Telling the mob how to vote, buying elections and running paedophile networks for the CIA is the real deep state.

EIR/LPAC state that Cohn and Stone were homosexual lovers at one time. Trump called Cohn his "greatest friend". And Trump bought the CIA/Mob/Mossad moneylaundering front Resorts International, which is a part of the network that whacked JFK and RFK, which Cohn was a full member of.

But Infowar$ swerve all that. And in doing so protect the one true deep state that runs peadophile networks. So next time you hear or read Alex or Jud-a$$ talk of protecting children, just ask yourself why they protect Roy Cohn.

Alex now admits to working with intelligence agencies, having also admitted that half his family is CIA and that his late uncle was deeply involved with death squads in Guatemala. In fact, it could be said that Alex is more deep state than anyone in the FBI he accuses of being deep state!

But getting back to why Infowar$ has taken this disturbing swing to the right. Kelly (as do I) blame it on Stone. But when you look closer it is actually this deep stater Roy Cohn and the extreme rightist Zionist CIA/FBI/mob network that he managed which spawned Bomber Trump.

It is they who want you focusing your anger on immigrants while they do stuff like the financial crisis of 2007/8, and 9/11, and invade Syria, and run Jihadis, and gang up with the Saudis against Iran, and bow to Israel, and kill more civilians with drones and airstrikes which violate borders of sovereign nations. Infowar$ used to be against all this, but now seem more interested in supporting Trump brutalising children at the border because Obama did it.

And it all changed when Roger Stone appeared.

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