Thursday, June 21, 2018


Infowar$ are now saying that the USA has had a space force for decades, NASA was just a cover, and that the whole UFOs-visiting-Earth thing was merely cover for the program. Alex Jones says that Bomber Trump wants the whole world to use the technology that the USA developed in this program and that the real scandal will be the thousands of deaths that the program led to.

But does Bomber Trump need to create a Space Force in order to declassify that technology? Or can he declassify at whim? For example, he didn't need another JFK to be assassinated in order to declassify some documents on the JFK assassination.

Or is this just one more example of bigging up Bomber Trump as he:
1. allies with the perps of 9/11, flogs them billions and billions of dollars of bombs and missiles to create a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen;
2. unleashes Wall Street without Glass-Steagall;
3. gives massive tax cuts to the rich and corporations, very few of whom have any intention of passing on those cuts to their employees or using them to create jobs (for humans);
4. does nothing to stop the jobs apocalypse of human jobs being replaced by automated robots/AI;
5. increases the national debt by trillions just so the US military can have lots of shiny new weapons to kill more people more efficiently.

Etc, etc, etc.

Why not just declassify and let us get on with it?

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