Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Found on pervert Jud-a$$ Twitter:

One case of Polio could, repeat could have been found in a remote part of Venezuela. Immediately Jud-a$$ blames Socialism.

But hang on. This is only a suspected case and investigations are still ongoing.

And lest we forget: the CIA is working to wreck Venezuela to provoke a revolution and overthrow Maduro. Why? Because Venezuela, not Saudi Arabia or Russia or the USA, has the world's largest proven oil reserves. The CIA has form in Venezuela: the attempted coup in April 2002.

So Jud-a$$ serves the CIA (again) on this.

But if Jud-a$$ is so concerned about one child in Venezuela, then why is he not concerned about the millions of children who face a cholera epidemic in Yemen?


Because Bomber Trump has allied with the "cancer on the world", Saudi Arabia, as he describes them, and is flogging the Saudis all sorts of missiles and bombs, and is also refuelling Saudi bombers in mid-air, as well as providing the Saudis with military intelligence as the Saudis create a humanitarian catastrophe in Yemen. All this assistance to the Saudis, which Jud-a$$ decried while Obama was doing the the same but less, is completely ignored now coz Trump. Thousands of children have already died in Yemen from cholera under Trump. But not a peep from Jud-a$$ about this.

But one possible case of Polio in Venezuela and it's all guns out for Socialism, ignoring the fact that the CIA is working to bring down the government of Venezuela, not because of any sense of care or anything, but simply because Venezuela has the world's largest proven oil reserves.


There is only one.

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