Saturday, June 09, 2018


They tried. You saw. They failed.

Turns out that Alex Jones:
1. comes from a sick, racist Confederate family who founded the outrageously racist Republic of Texas and fought at the rank of colonel and general in the Confederate Army to defend negro slavery;
2. comes from a family, half of whom are CIA, and one member, his late uncle Biff, is named after the founder of the KKK, Nathan Bedford Forrest, and helped to run CIA/Pentagon death squads in Guatemala;
3. has not-so-secretly supported Israel for decades;
4. is working with factions inside some intels who selected him because of this background in 1., 2., and 3. above;
5. via secret cameras has been spying on and is stalking his ex-wife while he portrays himself and Infowar$ as the last bastion of freedom and privacy;
6. and his sidekick Jud-a$$ make wild claims to generate traffic to Infowar$ in order to sell unnecessary health products in order to finance litigation against his ex-wife in an attempt to overturn a jury decision which awarded primary custody of their children to her;
7. and his sidekick Jud-a$$ sold out to the rightist Zionist CIA/mob/Mossad network that whacked JFK and RFK, attacked the USS Liberty and did 9/11.

Oh, and he and Jud-a$$ are peeping tom perrrverrrts. And if I'm wrong, see you in court - PERVERTS!

Epic and miserable fail.

The leader of the resistance?


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