Saturday, June 23, 2018


Trump gave the Pentagon $716 billion earlier this week. The $82 billion increase in the budget is more than the total for education, which is $70 billion.

So the USA spends on the military 10 times what it spends on education.

Ten times more on shiny new weapons to be used by sociopathic trained killers to kill more people more efficiently instead of training a generation of thinkers and innovators and scientists and engineers and artists and historians. Instead we get nukes and killers.

Perhaps that's why Infowar$ cheer on Bomber Trump brutalising children to enforce America's 'sovereign' borders while they ignore Bomber Trump violating the 'sovereign' borders of Syria and Yemen and Palestine.

Oh, and the budget for the Police State in the USA is now over $1 trillion. Yep. One trillion US dollars.

One. Trillion. Dollars.

The hungry Police State needs an enemy to feast on. You've had the Commies. You've had the Mooslims. Who will it be next? Leprachauns?

Look under your beds, America! The Leprachauns are coming to get you!!

...This increase alone is larger than the total budget of the Department of Education, approximately $70 billion. It is also larger than the annual military budget of Russia ($61 billion). The increase in Pentagon spending between 2017 and 2019, $165 billion, is larger than the entire defense budget of China.

When funding for the US intelligence agencies, the Department of Homeland Security, federal aid to local police and various “black” operations are factored in, the budget for the United States “total army” amounts to over a trillion dollars, a figure larger than the gross domestic product of Indonesia, a country with a population of 261 million.

[source : Democrats back massive Pentagon budget for war and repression, WSWS,, 23rd June 2018]

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