Thursday, June 28, 2018


Justice Kennedy has resigned from the Supreme Court.

Infowar$ are 'bragging' that they predicted this.

Yes, they did predicted it - WELL OVER A YEAR AGO!!

Here's what they wrote on 1st May last year, well over year ago:
President Trump has been informed of Justice Anthony Kennedy’s impending resignation, meaning that the president will soon make his second pick for the Supreme Court, according to White House sources speaking with Trump insider Roger Stone.

This development, exclusive to Infowars, is the first confirmation of the 80-year-old’s retirement, which the mainstream media has speculated for the past hour.

[source : Roger Stone: Resignation of Justice Kennedy Imminent – Exclusive From White House, Infowar$,, 1st May 2017]

The word 'imminent' was used completely wrong in this case. Imminent would suggest within seconds, minutes, or even hours at the most, as the article quoted above suggests.


Plus, the article also recognises that the mainstream media was also predicting the resignation with such devastating accuracy.

Infowar$ wrote that on 1st May last year. It's now nearly July this year. Nearly 14 months!!


The guy is 80 years old. He was appointed by Reagan in 1988. The guy is a fossil.

But as always, got to grab the headlines to flog as many unnecessary health products to finance litigation against Kelly, eh?

Most sad.

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