Friday, July 06, 2018


D'ya know those bankers who did the financial crisis of 2007/8, whether they knew or not what would happen but were consumed by pure satanic greed and tried to make as much money as possible because they were, well, possessed? Oblivious? Couldn't give a f*ck coz they were, well, not-of-this-world and believed that everything that anyone ever produced or wrote or drew or even thought of was theirs because, well, they're super duper and it was all theirs and everything and we should all be grateful to them for the air we breathe and the water we drink etc because they are our Gods etc, etc, etc?

Aren't you glad you're not one of them?

Coz I'm not.

I think I know someone like that. But I'm glad it's not me.

Coz everyone hates bankers...except Bomber Drumpf and thus sycophantic Infowar$.

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