Friday, July 06, 2018


Pretending to be MCFC when you're actually MUFC since conception? Er nope.

Pretending your kids are your husbands but your husband has black hair while all of your children look nothing like your husband and also have ginger hair? Er, that is betrayal but not in the league I'm thinking.

I'm thinking: what if Alex Jones is right about space.

What if they know about space travel already (and without contact with ETs).

What if they know how to get way beyond Mars, and even beyond our Solar System and are actively looking for new Earth-like planets beyond our solar system, way beyond our solar system, to colonise. And colonise asap.

What if all that mutilation and alien abduction stuff in the 1980s and 1990s was bull?

I say that because our elite are not exactly in a rush to change things on Planet Earth quickly.

Down here we have poverty, ill-health, depression, hopelessness, pessimism, war, pollution and disease. But the elite seem very interested in Earth-like exoplanets.

What are exoplanets?

Exoplanets are planets outside our solar system. They are probably absolute shit hellholes for us due to chemistry, physics, atmosphere, etc. But occasionally it gets through into the mainstream media that an Earth-like exoplanet has been found.

So my question is: why are our elites so interested in looking for Earth-like exoplanets instead of solving the problems that their greed created on Planet Earth?

It seems to me thatour elites :
1. already have the inter-planetary technology to colonise another Earth-like exoplanet but have pretended that the UFO stuff is due to ETs;
2. are looking for such exo-planets as close to Earth as possible and are then fleeing there with a Noah's Ark of beasts/human slaves before we realise what the score is.

Now, I consider that that the ultimate betrayal.

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